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Vulnerability Management

In this comprehensive course, students will become familiar with the many challenges a cybersecurity professional faces through network and infrastructure vulnerabilities. The course will help you learn vulnerability management as a detailed process with every significant step recognized in world-class cybersecurity courses. The course will enable students to understand known network vulnerabilities and learn how …

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General Data Protection Regulation

This course is designed to introduce students to the EU General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR) standard and provide them with through knowledge of the steps required for successfully planning and implementing an ongoing compliance program. To achieve this goal, the course equips students with the knowledge a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is expected to possess …

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Data Governance

This course is designed to address the new challenges of information management. In a world where an average organization is recording its data getting doubled every year, managing data along with the problems of access, security control, and quality have become rampant. This course provides students the knowledge and skill set to manage data streams …

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Cloud security & risk management

This course is designed to provide students the ability to evaluate cloud-based services and execute risk management. In this course, students will first get an overview of the many cloud-based computing models – from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and everything between the two extremes. With knowledge of these distinct models, students will be able …

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Cloud Governance, Risk & Compliance

This course enables students to study IT governance in the context of the evolving regulations of cloud environments. It will explore various components of many frameworks and models that help professionals identify and associate precepts of cloud governance to usual stages of a cloud project. In this Cloud GRC course, students will go through intense …

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Project Management

This foundation course provides students fundamental elements of success in a Project Manager role in a business enterprise, including practical knowledge, techniques and skills. Focused on comprehensively arming you with the techniques used in real-life project management, this course uses a variety of methodologies. One such method is case studies. For a duration of two …

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Cyber Security Fundamentals

Cybersecurity skills are in high demand, as threats continue to plague enterprises around the world. An overwhelming majority professionals surveyed by ISACA recognise this and plan to work in a position that requires cybersecurity knowledge. This course will provide learners with principles of data and technology that frame and define cybersecurity. Learners will gain insight …

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Agile Essentials

Agile Essentials

This course is designed to give the attendees an overall awareness of the basic concepts of Agile Project Management. We will not focus on a specific method. Instead, we will look at the history, philosophy and implementation paths for companies and individuals looking to integrate the Agile framework into their project management practice.