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This foundation course provides students fundamental elements of success in a Project Manager role in a business enterprise, including practical knowledge, techniques and skills. Focused on comprehensively arming you with the techniques used in real-life project management, this course uses a variety of methodologies. One such method is case studies. For a duration of two days, the class goes through a detailed case study where they experiment with project management knowledge and tools delivered during the course. Using these chain of lessons and range of methods, this course allows you to explore project management and the many tools this field requires in various industries, giving you the education and confidence you need to succeed in the field. Your course teacher will provide you many tools, such as easy-to-use checklists, to perform the various roles of a Project Manager effectively. The course principles and curriculum are aligned with the current APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) syllabus. If you are a newly assigned Project Manager, or aspiring to become one soon, with no education on the subject, this course is for you. We have also designed it to suit any individual aiming to complete complex, multi-level tasks.